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Inbound Passengers Dual Channel (Red/Green Lanes) Clearance Guide

Inbound passengers carrying goods mentioned below please pass through theGOODS TO DECLAREcounter (RED LANE).

A. Alcohol beversge and cigarettes over the quantity of duty exemption (alcohol 1000 c.c., 200 cigarettes, or 25 cigars or 1 pound of tobacco).   

B .Baggage exceeding a total value of NT$20,000.

C. Foreign currency more than US$10,000.

D. New Taiwan Dollar more than NT$100,000.

E. Gold exceeding a total value of US$20,000.

F. Chinese currency more than RMB$20,000. (Amount exceeding $20,000 should be placed in bond for subsequent return abroad).

G. Any aquatic products or animal, plant or any endangered species of wildlife or products thereof.

H. Unaccompanied baggage.

I. Other dutiable article or things to be declared.

Remark: Those who carry the negotiable securities (namely bearer traveler’s checks, other types of checks, promissory notes, drafts, or other forms of negotiable securities through which the bearer may exercise his/her right in the country or any other country, with face value in excess of US$10,000) should make declarations to the Customs.


Inbound passengers not carrying baggage mentioned above may take theNOTHING TO DECLAREcounter (GREEN LANE) to pass through Customs.


Please declare honestly according to the instruction of Customs Declaration Form.

Once the Declaration Form has been handed over to the Customs officer, no additional declaration will be accepted.

You will not be allowed to pass through the GREEN LANE, in case of incorrect declaration.


Death Penalty may be imposed on drugs, ammunition, and arms traffickers.


Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2015-01-28