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For Outbound Passenger


A written declaration is required from each outbound passenger. Please declare in detail, when:

1. Carrying New Taiwan Dollar Notes over NT$100,000 or foreign currencies over US$10,000 or Chinese currency over RMB$20,000 or negotiable Securities (namely bearer traveler’s checks, other types of checks, promissory notes, drafts, or other forms of negotiable securities through which the bearer may exercise his/her right in the country or any other country) with face value over US$10,000 or its equivalent.

2. Carrying commercial samples or dutiable items such as personal computer, professional equipment of photography and camera, etc. which are beyond duty exemption limit in value and are intended to be brought back to this country subsequently.




New Taiwan Dollar Notes

Not more than NT$100,000 in notes can be brought out by each passenger unless a permit from the Central Bank of China (Taiwan) is obtained in advance.


Foreign Currencies

Passengers must declare the amount of foreign currencies in excess of US$10,000 (or its equivalent in other foreign currencies). If not declared, the exceeding amount of foreign currencies shall be subject to confiscation.


Chinese Currency

Not more than RMB$20,000 in notes can be brought out by each passenger. Higher amount must be declared to the Customs, but only RMB$20,000 can be brought out. In case of false declaration, the exceeding amount shall be subject to confiscation.


Negotiable Securities ( namely bearer traveler’s checks, other types of checks, promissory notes, drafts, or other forms of negotiable securities through which the bearer may exercise his/her right in the country or any other country) 

Passengers or service crew must declare negotiable securities with face value in excess of US$10,000 or its equivalent. In case of non-declaration or false declaration, a fine in the amount equivalent to the amount not declared or not truthfully declared shall be imposed.




   For each outbound or transit passenger, the value limit for  non-personal use articles not included in the List of Commodities Subject to Export Restrictions is US$20,000. An export permit is required for the amount of the articles in excess of the value limit or the articles included in the aforesaid list.




Articles listed below shall not be taken out of the country:

1. Copies of books, phonograph records, recording tapes, video tapes, video (audio) compact discs and computer software reproduced without authorization from the original sources and plates for printing such copies.

2. Genuine Chinese antiques, ancient coins and paintings.

3. Arms (including shotguns, fishing guns, air guns, etc.), ammunition (including bomb, cartridges and explosives), assault knives and other weapons of war prescribed in the “Act Governing the Control of Guns, Ammunition and Knives.”

4. Fake or spurious currencies or securities, or moulds for printing counterfeit currency.

5. Heroin, morphine, opium, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamine, etc. prescribed in the “Act for the Control of Narcotics” and their derivatives and products.

6. Any wild animals and endangered species of wildlife or products thereof are not allowed to be exported, unless a permit issued by the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan is obtained in advance; if the species is included in the list of CITES, the CITES export permit shall be required for Customs verification.

7. Other articles prohibited by law from exportation.





*When you are in doubt as to whether or not an article should be declared, please consult with Customs officer. Passengers who cannot write may declare orally, but it has to be made before the start of the inspection to avoid Customs penalties.

*Each passenger is allowed to bring in one copy for each of recording tape, video tape, phonograph record, video (audio) compact disc, computer software, 8 mm movie film, book or document, etc. Excessive quantity thereof shall be detained in accordance with law.

*A special attention should be paid to drugs, arms, ammunition, endangered species of wildlife or products thereof. They are prohibited to be brought in or carried out by passengers. The offender shall be subject to penalty in accordance with the Act for the Control of Narcotics, the Act Governing the Control of Guns, Ammunition and Knives, and the Wildlife Conservation Act, the Customs Anti-smuggling Act as the case may be. 




  For further information on Customs matters, please contact:

1. Customs Administration

No.13, Tacheng St., Datong District

Taipei City 10341, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: 886-2-25505500, 25505511, 25505522


2. Taipei Customs

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport

Taoyuan County 33758, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Terminal One

Tel: 886-3-3982293, 3982292, 3982298.

(0800) 311006 (toll-free telephone)

Terminal Two

Tel: 886-3-3983391, 3983384.

(0800) 016801 (toll-free telephone).


3. Kaohsiung Customs

Kaohsiung International Airport

No.2, Jhonshan 4th Rd., Siaogang District

Kaohsiung City 81252, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: 886-7-8016511, 8011924


4. Keelung Customs

No.6, Gangsi St., Ren-ai District

Keelung City 20041, Taiwan (R.O.C.)



5. Taichung Customs

No.2, Sec. 3, Jhongci Rd., Wuci Township

Taichung County 43501, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Tel: 886-4-26565101-9



This guide is for reference only. If there is any revision, please take the latest law as the standard.

Issued:Customs Administration Release date:2015-04-01