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Anti-smuggling Operations

    Smuggling prevention is one of the Customs main functions. According to Article 6 of the Anti-smuggling Act, the enforcement of suppressing smuggling shall be conducted at the commercial ports of the Republic of China, in the waters within 24 nautical miles from shore and in the areas or places where as otherwise provided in this Act or other laws.
    To safeguard the borders and fulfill the obligations as mentioned above, Keelung Customs' inspectors take shifts to exercise their duties around-the-clock. Being well equipped with modern inspection appliances, such as patrol cars and boats and various kinds of X-ray instruments as well as detector dogs and advanced computer information system (CIS), KLC has effectively suppressed illegal smugglings.
    Fighting crimes requires cooperation between Customs and the public. To report or provide any information related to smuggling or other forms of customs fraud activities, please call the toll-free line (0800-306306). Informants may be awarded up to TWD 4,800,000 and their identity kept confidential.

anti smuggling achievement-Untaxed cigarettes

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