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Enforcement of Trade Control


 Apart from duty collection and smuggling prevention, this Office conducts, on behalf of other government agencies, trade control in accordance with Foreign Trade Act, Regulations Governing Import/Export Commodities, and Regulations Governing Permission of Trade Between Taiwan Area and Mainland Area, etc. Such control involves scrutiny of import/export permit, certificate of quarantine, certificate of commodity inspection, license of communication device, approval of agricultural chemicals, import license of wine and tobacco, and certificate of origin. By doing so, this Office contributes a lot to secure trade benefit, social security, public health and environmental protection. To further speed up cargo clearance, we have been actively promoting computer connection systems between the Customs and other government agencies, so that we can fully automate document scrutiny in the near future.
Keelung Customs Office Excutes Enforcement of Trade Control






Release date:2015-04-24