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Organization and Jurisdiction

    As one of the four field Customs under the jurisdiction of Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, Keelung Customs provides services to the northern and the north eastern border of this country. It is in charge of cargo and passenger clearance at Keelung, Hualien, Taipei, Su-ao Harbor and the offshore island of Matsu. The major functions of Keelung Customs are cargo clearance, duty collection, smuggling prevention and trade-control enforcement. Our clients include importers, exporters, customs brokers, warehouse operators, carriers and forwarders. The headquarters of Keelung Customs is situated in Keelung Harbor, while its four branches are separately located in Wudu, Bali, Taoyuan and Hualien, and the Matsu respectively. Keelung Customs is administered by the Director, under whom there are two Deputies, and one chief secretary. In the branches, the branch directors are in charge.

Organization Chart of Keelung Customs Office

Organization Chart of Keelung Customs Office






Release date:2019-09-23

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