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KLC Crakes Down on Illegal Vape Products and Reminds the Public to Stop Importing from Overseas

Keelung Customs (KLC) seized 72 cases of 1,394 liters of e-liquid with an estimated value of 14 million NTD in maritime express handling units from June 24 to June 30 this year. “The seized items which had been falsely declared as industrial fragrance would be referred to the competent authority for the violation of Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and Customs Anti-smuggling Act,” KLC added.

KLC further expressed that the said shipments were discovered to be e-liquid containing nicotine during the Customs inspection in maritime express handling units. The Customs immediately notified all clearance units to strengthen their detection capacity and enforcement efforts, therefore 72 similar cases of import e-cig shipments were seized in one week. “Based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, e-liquid containing nicotine or other pharmaceutical ingredients shall be regulated as drugs. The importation without proper approval from the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will end up with a maximum penalty of imprisonment of 10 years and may also be fined up to 100 million NTD,” KLC added.

KLC’s maritime express unit have seized large amount of vape products hidden in import cargoes this year, making a total seizure of 1,489 liters of e-liquid, 14,364 pods of vape pod, 32,901 units of vape kit and 19,600 units of vape pen with market value around 38 million NTD. “KLC will continue to strengthen Customs enforcement to safeguard public health,” KLC stressed. Since vape Products are still illegal in Taiwan, importers are thus urged to stop importing from overseas to avoid further punishment. For more information, contact Bali Branch, KLC at (02)77271670 ext.6146. 

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