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Keelung Customs Urges Intensive Protection of Personal Data in Bonded Warehouses, Logistics Centers

Keelung Customs (KLC) stated that in order to strengthen the protection of personal data in bonded warehouses and logistics centers (hereinafter referred to as operators), Ministry of Finance (MOF) had promulgated regulations regarding the protection and maintenance of personal information and files in bonded warehouses and logistics centers on February 8, 2022. Operators shall set up response, reporting and prevention mechanisms in case theft, alteration, damage, destruction, leakage, or other incidents of personal data infringement take place.


KLC explained that according to the regulations, operators registered based on Customs Act shall establish personal data protection plans, including appointing specific staff members or establishing specially-assigned organizations to formulate policies for the protection and management of personal data, impose basic knowledge guidance or professional education and training on personnel on a regular basis, and report to the representatives of the operators periodically. If any incident of personal data infringement takes place, operators shall notify Customs Administration (CA), MOF via e-mail within 72 hours after discovering the incident, and come up with precautionary measures to prevent such incidents from happening again.


KLC reminded operators to visit CA’s website at http://eweb.customs.gov.tw for more detailed laws and regulations regarding personal data (Access: Information Center/ Public Information/ Personal Data Protection) and will continue examining operators’ execution performances of the plans. For more information, please contact Taoyuan Branch, KLC at (03)4826173.

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