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Maritime Express Consignments Clearance

Introduction to Maritime Express Consignments Clearance

  1. Background

Maritime transport between Taiwan and China’s southeastern coast features shorter traveling time (4 hours for fast speed vessel) and larger shipping capacity due to geographical proximity and hectic sailing schedule in the region. Furthermore, the blossoming cross border e-commerce and revolutionized logistics technologies of door-to-door delivery service also help thrust this kind of short distance sea transport to compete with air transport in terms of speed and efficiency.

The Port of Taipei is a port in Bali District, New Taipei, Taiwan which is close to Taoyuan International Airport. Unique location along with robust transport network and established port infrastructure has made the Port the first and largest maritime express consignment clearance center in Taiwan. The maritime express consignment clearance unit in Taipei Port has been set up since May 2015 and been providing high quality service to the various stakeholders.

  1. Relevant operators
  1. Maritime Express Handling Unit Operator

Is an approved freight station operator that can provide sufficient space to include import, export, transit, examination, pending releasing, detector dog and quarantine dog sections, and with necessary equipment to process customs examination and clearance of maritime express consignments.

  1. Maritime express delivery operator

Is a profit-seeking enterprise which forwards and delivers maritime express consignments.

  1. Maritime express shipper

Is a shipping company transporting maritime express consignments.

  1. Contact Information

Bali Branch, Keelung Customs

Address: 2F., No. 13, Shanggang Rd., Bali Dist., New Taipei City

Tel:(02)26101108 ext 5001(02)26196100 ext 3013(02)77271670 ext 6110

Office Hour: AM 0830-1230 ; PM 1300-1700

E-mail Address: aaabmail@customs.gov.tw

FAQ Maritime Express Consignments Clearance

Q1: What kind of goods are allowed to be cleared through the maritime express handling units?

AAccording to Article 10 of the Regulations Governing Customs Clearance Procedures for Maritime Express Consignments, only goods labeled with maritime express consignments bar code shall be allowed to be cleared through the maritime express handling units. In addition, according to Article 3 of the same Regulations, the following goods are not allowed to be cleared through those units:

  1. Shipments of commodities prohibited from importation by the Customs Act, controlled commodities, intellectual property right infringing articles, imported fresh agriculture/fishery /livestock products, live animals/plants, and conserved wildlife and their products.
  2. Shipments with a gross weight of each package (bag) more than 70 kg.
  3. Shipments of imported goods which are not loaded in confined containers.

Reference: Article 3 and 10 of the Regulations Governing Customs Clearance Procedures for Maritime Express Consignments

 Q2:What is the simplified declaration of the maritime express consignments? 

AIn order to speed up customs clearance of express consignments, document and low-value consignments are applicable to simplified declaration. For shipment of documents, some declaration items may be omitted, and the clearance modes thereof are limited to C1 (by-pass) and C3 (cargo examination). For those assigned for C3 clearance, the examination, valuation and release of the consignments are processed by officers scrutinizing the declarations displayed on the computer screen and invoices attached with the goods. No submission of paper declaration is needed.

Reference: Article 6, 7 and 9 of Operation Rules of Customs Clearance Procedures for Maritime Express Consignments

 Q3:How to differentiate simplified declaration from general declaration of the maritime express consignments? 

ATo expedite the clearance process and secure revenue collection, maritime express consignments are classified into 7 categories (import X1, X2, X3, X4 and export X6, X7, X8) based on the nature and value of the consignments; among which, import X1, X2, X3 and export X6, X7 can be cleared through simplified declaration, while import X4 and export X8, shall go through Customs the same way as normal cargo (general declaration).

  1. Import document (X1)
  2. Duty-free, low-value import consignment with a Customs value not more than NT$2,000 (X2)
  3. Low-value dutiable import consignment with a Customs value of NT$2,001-50,000 (X3)
  4. High-value import consignment with a Customs value exceeding NT$50,000 (X4)
  5. Export document (X6)
  6. Low-value export consignment with a free on board (FOB) value not more than NT$50,000 (X7)
  7. High-value export consignment with a FOB value exceeding NT$50,000 (X8)

For customs governance and other trade control reasons, the following express consignments are not applicable to simplified declarations:

  1. Subject to specific import/export regulations.
  2. Application for duplicates of their declarations is necessary for the purpose of requesting duty drawback, offset or bonding.
  3. Returned or re-exported and shall be cross-checked with the original export/import declarations.
  4. Goods eligible for duty reduction or exemption pursuant to the customs Act and relevant regulations, and additional notes in the Customs Import Tariff.
  5. Declaration of the goods inapplicable to the G1 mode of Declaration for Import Goods , the G5 mode of Export Declaration.
  6. Goods taxable in accordance with the Commodity Tax Act or the Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax Act.
  7. Goods subject to special safeguard measures publicly announced by the Ministry of Finance.
  8. Goods subject to tariff quota.

Reference: Article 11 and 12 of Regulations Governing Customs Clearance Procedures for Maritime Express Consignments


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