Keelung Customs(基隆關)

Anti-Smuggling Operations

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 The Customs takes charge of smuggling prevention. Anti-smuggling operations are undertaken within the limits of any port of the ROC open to international trade, of 24 nautical miles from the coast of the ROC, and of other territories where inspections are authorized by laws.

 Owing to rampant smuggling activities, Customs enforcement never has a vacation. Rain or shine, our inspectors take shifts to exercise their duties around-the-clock. Being well equipped with hardware and software aids, such as PDA, patrol cars and boats, X-ray instruments, and CIS database, this Office has effectively minimized illegal practice of smugglers.

 The Keelung Customs Office pursues prosecution for smuggling, offering toll-free line (0800-306306) for information collection. Informants may be awarded up to TWD4,800,000 and their identity will be kept confidential.


  • Date:2015-04-02
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