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Online Reservation for Office Visit

Keelung Customs sincerely welcome your visit, and hope that through your introduction and recommendation, more and more people will have deeper understanding of our services, duties, as well as the efforts we’ve made and the performances we’ve achieved.


Notices of the office visit are set forth below.


Visiting Hours

Around 2 hours during a working day of Keelung Customs (exclusive of national holidays and regular holidays)


Number of the Visitors

20 to 100 people per group. This service is rendered to group visitors only and not applicable to individual visit.


Content of Office Visit

Keelung Customs multimedia presentations, and introduction on import and export clearance, inspection and seizure, etc.


Application procedures:
You may contact the Public Relations Section of Secretarial Office on the phone numbers below to confirm the available date with us. Upon confirmation, you may finish the reservation by submitting the application to us online, by mail or via fax.


Visitors should coordinate matters as follows:

1. Please inform us in advance of your car license plate numbers, driver's names and ID numbers for arranging the harbor access, and cooperate with the customs reception staff’s arrangements during your visit so as to facilitate the smooth process flow.

2. Please arrive on time unless prior notice is given to us informing us of any delay or change of plan in case of an urgent situation.

3. Visitors shall comply with the reception staff’s guidance, and are not allowed to separate from the team to conduct a private activity or enter into the non-open area.

4. Please don’t wear indecent garments (such as T-shirts, slippers); in addition, carrying the dangerous goods, contraband or pets are prohibited.

5. Visitors may not arrogate this exhibition items or other public property of Customs.

6. If any excepted special situation occurs, please cooperate with the customs officers.


Contact Window:


Public Relations Section of Secretarial Office.


(02) 24202951 ext. 6111、6112。


For hard copies of name lists or any document, please mail to:

No.6, Gangxi St., Ren ai Dist., Keelung City 20041, Taiwan (R.O.C)

Attention to Public Relations Section of Secretarial Office of Keelung Customs

Fax: (02) 24202034


Please note that the online request shall be submitted to us 3 weeks prior to the date of visit for our further arrangement.

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