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Schedule 2: Quantity Limit for Personal Use of Mainland China Products Carried by Inbound Passengers

1. Dried compoy, dried abalone, bird's nest, shark's fin (1.2 kgs each).

2. Agricultural, animal, aquatic products 6 kgs:

(1) Rice, peanut (roasted or prepared), garlic (prepared), dried lily flower, or dried mushroom and tea 1 kg or less each.

(2) Fruits are prohibited.

(3) Live animals and their products are prohibited. Animal products imported in accordance with the Act for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases, or dried/prepared aquatic products are excluded from such restriction.

(4) Live plants and their products are prohibited, but those in accordance with the Plant Protection and Quarantine Act are excluded from such restriction.

3. Canned food 6 cans, other food 6 kgs.


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