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Digital Customs enables better border management


In the era of digitalization, Customs authorities all over the world have been working on applications of new Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Customs procedures to promote trade facilitation and security.


In 2017 Taiwan Customs deployed advanced infrastructure with Cloud Computing services and also re-designed its official website. The new website is developed by introducing Responsive Web Design (RWD) technology so that visitors could easily access the website with various mobile devices anytime and anywhere. In addition, by taking advantage of the advanced infrastructure, the performance of Customs website has been greatly boosted. This translates to better user experience.


On the other hand, Taiwan Customs has made every effort to coordinate with other government agencies via the renowned ICT Platform it established, the Customs-Port-Trade Single Window, to maintain effective border management. For example, since 2016, Taiwan Customs and National Treasury Administration have interfaced with each other through the Single Window to conduct joint management of imported alcohol products. Such a practice has not only expedited the clearance of imported alcohol products but considerably reduced time and cost for importers.


What is more, the application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence allows Taiwan Customs extract valuable information from its existing databases. Now the Customs intends to use these new technologies to identify the high-risk cargo so as to enhance the existing risk management mechanism. At the same time, results of risk assessment will be shared with other border agencies for bringing more efficient and effective border management.

  • Publish Date:2018-01-04
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