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Taipei Customs Appoints More Taxpayer Rights Protection Ombudsmen to Guarantee the Right of Taxpayers

    Taipei Customs has accepted 24 cases since the implementation of the Taxpayer Rights Protection Act on Dec 28, 2017. The ombudsmen professionally assist taxpayers to coordinate tax disputes, accept complaints and propositions of recommendations for improvement, and provide consultation.

    There were only 7 ombudsmen and 1 consultation desk in Taipei Customs (TPC). To reinforce the protection and complete the service, TPC now assigns 10 ombudsmen separately to TPC main office, Taoyuan International Airport, Express Cargo Division, Zhuwei Branch, Songshan Branch (Taipei Songshan Airport and Postal Affairs Section) and Hsinchu Science Park.

    Taxpayers can apply for assistance from the ombudsmen via TPC website, on-site counter, mails and phone calls. The ombudsmen will actively provide appropriate and essential assistance to taxpayers and ensure them protection by due process of tax collection.

    For further information, please visit Taipei Customs Official Website or contact Legal and Seizure Affairs Division of TPC (Tel: 03-3834161 ext. 406).

  • Publish Date:2020-02-20
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