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Taichung Customs Reminds that International Vessels Calling at Mailiao Harbor Shall Follow the Regulations When Uploading the Duty-free Tobacco and Alcohol on Board

Taichung Customs indicated that, for duty-free tobacco or alcohol for the crew of vessels of international route, the customs’ inspection and release mechanism are as follows:

1. When vehicles carrying duty free tobacco and alcohol arrive at the quay, Customs inspectors

    must check that the customs seal is intact and correct before the unsealing process.

    Meanwhile, Customs inspectors shall examine the goods in the vehicle to ensure the

    descriptions of articles and quantity conform with those described in the declaration form.

    If above mentioned requirements are fulfilled, the duty-free tobacco and alcohol can then be

    uploaded to the vessel under Customs’surveillance.

2. Duty free tobacco and alcohol must be placed in the storeroom of the vessel, and the door is

    sealed by Customs’ officers. The declaration document must bear the seal number and be

    signed by the master of the vessel, or the chief officer, and then be returned to the Customs

    for processing. The Customs Seal may not be removed until the vessel has left the harbour.


Taichung Customs emphasized further that if the procurement of duty-free tobacco and alchol by vessels of international route calling at Mailiao harbor for the usage of its crew, the exporter shall submit an application form to the Inspection Divisoin of Taichung Customs along with the required documents. The Customs will review the categories and quantities of goods listed on the declaraion for its rationality before approval. Taichung Customs reminds the export enterprises to comply with relevant regulations. If the related operators have any questions, please feel free to contact Mailiao Section,Taichung Customs at (05)681-2061.

  • Publish Date:2020-02-27
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