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Taipei Customs forms a new partnership with Ingrasys Technology Inc., a recently-registered bonded factory

Taipei Customs (TPC) stated that Ingrasys Technology Inc. has been approved and registered as a bonded factory. A simple but dignified opening ceremony was held on October 18, 2019, co-hosted by Li Tien-chi, Chief of Clearance Division II of TPC and Yeh Yin-ting, Director of the company.

According to TPC, bonded factories under the supervision of Customs could enjoy expedited clearance and exemption of import duties. With these benefits in place, a registered bonded factory could not only reduce operation costs, but also enhance its global economic competitiveness and generate more jobs domestically. The measure has been well received by the trade, and many world renowned companies have registered as bonded factories to enjoy the benefits. TPC has been, and will be dedicated to improving its trade facilitation services and helping operators expand business overseas in this regard.

  • Publish Date:2019-10-31
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