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Two New Canines Join Keelung Customs’ Drug Enforcement Team

     In response to the rapid growth in volume of maritime express consignments and the novel modus operandi of cross-border drug smuggling, Keelung Customs Detector Dog Team has announced the addition of two new detector dogs: Chole and Fito, increasing the number of canines in the team from 9 to 11, aiming to fight against drug smuggling vigorously and effectively. The two new K9 are currently under environment adaptability training and are about to enter the ranks of detector dogs shortly. Finance Minister Su Jain-rong applaudes the rookies for being energetic and well-trained when paying a visit to Keelung Customs on the eve of the Chinese New Year. He also encourages the dog handlers to work hard and to take advantage of the dogs' keen sense of smell to combat drug trafficking and safeguard the border.

     Keelung Customs further expresses that its Detector Dog Team has an outstanding performance in seizing illegal drugs such as Heroin, Ketamine, Amphetamine, Marijuana, and precursor materials. A total of 6,964 kilograms of various kinds of drugs has been intercepted in the past three years. The customs says it'll spare no efforts to protect border security through constantly enhancing customs officers' professional competence and applying risk management techniques in their operation. Furthermore, it will continue developing detector dog program, cooperating with other government units, and joining anti-drug promotional activities in order to maintain social security and reduce drug-related crimes.



  • Publish Date:2020-02-15
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