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Free from Certificate Can Upload Attachments to Customs’ Service

Taichung Customs stated that since the Bonding Operations Intelligence Service went online on October 27, 2019, the total number of online application cases has been over 2,000. However, in the past, to upload the electronic attachment files was necessary to log in with company certificates. Since the use of company certificates is not readily accessible for bonded business personnel, Customs actively optimizes the Bonding Operations Intelligence Service to be more user-friendly. 


The new measure took effect this September. The bonded business personnel can upload attachment files free from company certificates once they pass the ID check and correctly fill in the name of their supervising Customs officers. Only if they enter the received 6-digit number code within 15 minutes can they upload attachment files successfully. In addition, the transmission volume is increased to 15MB per file, and 150MB multi-files.


For more details regarding this news release, please contact the platform service at https://bis.sw.nat.gov.tw or 0800-299-889.

  • Publish Date:2020-10-14
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