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Implement anti-dumping measures to maintain the fair trade environment for domestic industries

     Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance(MOF) stated that a total amount of NT$299,298,800 in anti-dumping duties was collected in 2019. Anti-dumping duties were imposed to ensure a fair trade environment for domestic industries covering seven products imported from certain countries. The levied products include carbon steel plate, certain steel products coated with zinc or zinc-alloys, SUS 300 series flat-rolled and cold-rolled products of stainless steel, towels, footwear, Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO), and type I and type II of Portland cement and of its clinker.

     Customs Administration stated that according to the relevant public notices of the imposition of anti-dumping duties made by the MOF, for all imported goods within the scope of the subject products leviable in the public notice, whether they are from the country of export or origin, the anti-dumping duty shall be levied in addition to the customs duty and other duties. Domestic importers are urged to pay attention to the relevant provisions of the imposition of anti-dumping duty when importing such products, and to pre-identify the scope and subject for imposing anti-dumping duty to protect their rights and interests.

     Customs Administration reminded that if domestic products encounter unfair trade practices from imported goods, thereby endangering the development of the domestic industry, the representative of the industry may apply to the MOF for the imposition of a countervailing duty or anti-dumping duty against imported products in accordance with the Regulations Governing the Implementation of the Imposition of Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Duties. For further detailed information, please visit the website of Customs Administration (https://eweb.customs.gov.tw/CargoClearance/Anti-dumping and Countervailing Duties).


  • Publish Date:2020-05-29
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