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Customs optimizes Statistics Database Query

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We are implementing a renovation on the website “Statistics Database Query” to improve user interface, enrich the contents, and enhance friendly queries. The features are as follows: (website https://portal.sw.nat.gov.tw/APGA/GA35E)
1. The latest release date and infographics are presented on the website homepage, the latter providing visualization overview of the trade trend, top trading partners and commodities of the latest month.
2. We adopt a simplified framework with 3 themes:"News", "Trade Statistics" and "FAQ" to provide user-friendly interface. The “List of applied suppression” can be found in  this website/News/About Statistical Confidentiality, which follows the “passive confidentiality” rule suggested in UN / IMTS to balance against the need of publication. That is, only when the importers/exporters request for suppression be the specific data reviewed and applied confidentiality.
3. Under "Trade Statistics" frame, more services are enhanced as below:
 (1) "Prepared Tables" provides Monthly/Annually/Revision data for the most commonly used. The monthly tables will be published 2 months behind; while the yearly tables in Feb of next year. Annual revision will be processed in Sep of next year. Please refer to website/Trade statistics/Guide for release schedule.
(2) “Database query” provides improved interactive query service. Selections are more flexible, such as multiple options of trade flows and measures. Monthly query is no longer limited to the same year.
4. "FAQ" is a new area where you can learn more about how to access trade data and methodology, etc.
We are committed to optimize your experience in exploring our trade statistics database and your any suggestions are welcome.

  • Publish Date:2020-06-30
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