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Certificate of Origin/ Quarantine/ Sanitary of Some Agricultural and Fishery Goods Will Be Acceptable in Customs Clearance from July 1, 2020

    Taichung Customs expresses that, according to the announcement made on December 30, 2019 by Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) , Ministry of Economic Affairs, import regulation code 465 is amended. Importers could choose one of the following documents to provide from July 1, 2020:

‧ Certificate of Origin issued by either the exporting country, the government of the country of

  origin orits authorized agency.

‧ A photocopy of a quarantine certificate specifying the information of the name of the water area

  of origin or name and address of the aquaculture facility of origin issued by the exporting

  country’s competent authority (applicable to CCC0301.92.10.10-1, 0301.92.10.20-9 and

  0301.92.10.90-4) .

‧ A photocopy of a sanitary certificate including the information of the catching or harvest area

  issued by the official competent authority of the exporting country (applicable to

  CCC0307.11.90.00-8,0307.12.00.00-6, 0307.71.30.10-6, 0307.71.30.20-4, 0307.71.90.10-3,

  0307.72.40.00-5, 0307.81.21.00-7, 0307.81.22.10-4, 0307.81.22.20-2 and 0307.83.20.00-6) .

‧ A document in lieu of Certificate of Origin that has been negotiated between the country of

  origin and our country and of which the BOFT has issued a public announcement.

‧ In case the importation, excluding live animal, is for self-consumption and the quantity does not

  exceed six kilograms, the above-mentioned documents are not required.

    The revised import regulation code 465 is not only applicable to eels, tilapias, oysters, shallot, and other 14 items but also to 47 specific agricultural and fishery goods such as clam, abalone, Haliotis diversicolor, garlic, cauliflowers, headed broccoli, red beans, wood ears (Auricularia spp.), Shiitake (Lentinus edodes), tea, ground-nuts, and so on. The detailed information about the amendment is available at the website of BOFT (https://www.trade.gov.tw).

    Taichung Customs further points out that importers are required to provide the aforesaid certificates for imports of the foregoing items when submitting their customs declaration. If the documents referred in the preceding paragraph are not available at the time of submission of customs declaration, according to the fourth paragraph of Article 17 of Customs Act, they should be provided within two months commencing from the date following the issuance of notice by the Customs. Failure to comply with the requirements, Customs authorities shall govern on the basis of Article 96 of Customs Act. Moreover, importers are advised to take the advantage of the regulation amendment to facilitate customs clearance .

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