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Taichung Customs Reminds Importers to Submit Reference Documents required by Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) for Importation of Bedding of Chapter 94 Manufactured in China

Taichung Customs expressed that, according to the announcement of Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, importers of bedding manufactured in China classified under the following five CCC codes of Chapter 94 are required to submit applications and affidavits to BOFT. This requirement started from September 3, 2019. These five bedding items are CCC9404.90.10.00-3 ”Quits”, CCC9404.90.20.00-1 “Bedspreads (bed covers)”, CCC9404.90.90.11-3 “Other articles of bedding and similar furnishing, of wool”, CCC9404.90.90.19-5 “Other articles of bedding and similar furnishing, of other textile materials”, and CCC9404.90.90.90-7 “Other articles of bedding and similar furnishing, of other materials”.


By submitting the above mentioned affidavits, importers guarantee that the imported goods do not contain three prohibited commodities, which include CCC6302.2.00.00-8 “Other bed linen, printed, of cotton”, CCC6302.22.0000-7 “Other bed linen, printed, of man-made fibres”, and CCC6302.29.90.00-1 “Other bed linen, printed, of other textile materials”. Importation of these three items manufactured in China is considered to dramatically affect related domestic industries.


Taichung Customs also points out that Importers are required to provide Reference Documents for Imports of Chapter 94 Bedding issued by BOFT when submitting their customs declarations. Once importers are found by Customs to violate the regulations while importing such commodities, BOFT will not accept the application of project approval. If the violation is not involved in evasion from trade control, Customs authorities shall order the importers to return those goods abroad within the prescribed period. Importers are able to make their decision to return only the prohibited items of Chapter 63 or return the whole sets.

  • Publish Date:2019-10-28
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