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Japanese raw beef and excess amount of medicine recovered from passenger at Taoyuan International Airport

On August 23, 2017, a ROC national arrived from Osaka, Japan was intercepted by Taipei Customs with a total of 38.9kgs raw beef plus excess amount of medicine and food supplements. The foodstuff hidden in the passenger’s baggage was seized for follow-up action.
Taipei Customs stated that according to Statute for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Disease, passengers carrying fresh meat shall apply for animal quarantine upon arrival. Without quarantine approval or a certificate issued by the official authority of exporting country, meat or its products are not allowed to be brought into the country and shall be destroyed. Offenders will be fined between NTD3,000 and NTD15,000 as well.
Taipei Customs further pointed out that under Regulations Governing the Declaration, Inspection, Duty and Release of Personal Luggage or Goods of Inward Passengers, one passenger may carry up to 12 bottles (boxes, cans, bars, sticks) for each kind of OTC western medicine, but the total amount shall not exceed 36 bottles (boxes, cans, bars, sticks). For tablet or capsule food supplements, the allowance for one passenger is up to 12 bottles (boxes, cans, bars, sticks) of each kind, but no more than 36 bottles (boxes, cans, bars, sticks) in total. However, importation of counterfeit or prohibited drug will be penalized under R.O.C.'s Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.
Taipei Customs reminds the public not to bring into Taiwan illicit fresh meat and medicine or food supplements over the allowance. For further information, please refer to Inbound Traveler Declaration section at, or contact Customs service at the toll-free number 0800-311006.

  • Publish Date:2017-09-06
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