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Taichung Customs Applies RFID Electronic Paper Seal Fighting against Smuggling

The RFID electronic paper seal (paper e-seal) consists of two layers of waterproof stickers enclosing a built-in RFID chip. Manufactured to accommodate to Taiwan’s climate, it is an easy to apply adhesive seal with a tamper-proof design and difficult to tear off. The application of paper e-seal will enhance the security of movement, prevent smuggling, and assist in improving security and facilitation generally.


The paper e-seal can be affixed to any kind of container surface. It is not bulky and cost-efficient in comparison with traditional seals such as steel cable seals, Tyden seals or bolt seals, etc. The paper e-seal can also be used as a complementary tool in conjunction with the RFID passive e-seal, active e-seal or semi-active e-seal.



Contact Information: Mr. Huang
Tel: 04-26571721 ext.202

  • Publish Date:2018-01-08
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