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Schedule 1:Quantity Limit for Personal Use of Agricultural, Animal, Aquatic Products, Alcoholic Beverage and Cigarettes Carried by Inbound Passengers

1. Agricultural, animal, aquatic products 6 kgs:

(1) Rice, peanut (roasted or prepared), garlic (prepared), dried lily flower, or dried mushroom and tea 1 kg or less each.

(2) Fruits are prohibited.

(3) Live animals and their products are prohibited. Dogs, cats, rabbits (without limitation on 6 kgs) and animal products imported in accordance with the Act for Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases, or dried/prepared aquatic products are excluded from such restriction.

(4) Live plants and their products are prohibited, but those in accordance with the Plant Protection and Quarantine Act are excluded from such restriction.

2. Each adult, 20 or over in age and for personal use only, may bring alcoholic beverage 5,000 cc without limitation on how many bottles, but only 1,000 cc of controlled alcoholic beverage imported from Mainland China, plus 1,000 cigarettes or 5 pounds of tobacco or 125 cigars including alcoholic beverage 1,000 cc plus 200 cigarettes or 1 pound of tobacco or 25 cigars duty exemption. For the quantity over this limit, a copy of the permit for tobacco/alcohol importer is required.


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