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Postal Articles in Large Amount

1.For the articles subject to any of the following conditions, a formal customs declaration, along with other necessary documents, shall be lodged at customs counters in post office (Keelung Post Office, Taipei Post Office, Taichung Post Office, Tainan Post Office, Kaohsiung Post Office, and the post offices in Taichung, Nan-tzu and Kaohsiung Export Processing Zones, and Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park):

(a) Free on board (FOB) price exceeds the equivalent of US$5,000.

(b) Subject to export regulations under applicable legislations.

(c) Object for which duplicates of declarations for the purpose of requesting duty drawback or offset of bonding is required.

(d) Object that is returned or re-exported and needs to be cross-checked with the original import declaration.

(e) Export declarations other than the Export Declaration for Domestic Goods (Export Declaration “G5”) or Re-Exported Foreign Goods (Export Declaration “G3”).

(f) Other postal articles subject to customs declaration in accordance with other laws.

2. Documents necessary for declaration


(b)Packing list

(c)Power of attorney (if declared by customs broker)

(d)Delivery Note (bonded goods only)

(e)Others specified in laws or regulations, such as permits or certificates issued by competent authorities for quality inspection, medicine inspection, food sanitation inspection, animal or plant inspection, and certificates of country of origin, payment of commodity tax, etc.

  • Publish Date:2015-07-22
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