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Postal Articles in Small Amount

1. Articles not exceeding US$5,000 in value (FOB) or its equivalent in other currencies that are exempted from import declaration

2. If any postal article (not exceeding US$5,000 in value (FOB), or its equivalent in other currencies) has any of the following conditions, a formal declaration for the article shall be made at the post office with customs officers stationing there:

(a) Duplicates of declarations for the purpose of requesting duty drawback or bonding are required.

(b) Re-imported cases that need to be cross-checked with the original export declaration.

(c) Articles eligible for duty reduction or exemption pursuant to the Act and relevant regulations, and additional notes in the Customs Import Tariff.

(d) Import declarations other than Declaration for Imported Goods (Import Declaration “G1”).

(e) Articles subject to special safeguard measures publicly announced by the Ministry of Finance.

(f) Articles subject to tariff quota.

(g) Other postal articles subject to customs declaration in accordance with other laws and regulations.

3. Parcel clearance procedure

Postal parcels in small amount shall be submitted for Customs examination by the Post Office on behalf of the addressee. If classified as duty-free, the parcel or a Notification Card will be delivered by the Post Office to the addressee. Otherwise, Post Office will deliver the dutiable parcel to the addressee's premises and collect the duty, as per duty memo issued by the Customs, on the spot, or the addressee may be notified to effect payment of the import duty in order to collect the parcel at designated Post Office. ID card and seal are required when collecting postal parcels. 

4. Application for parcel re-examination

The addressee, if dissatisfied with the tariff classification or customs value appraised by the Customs, may, within thirty days following the date of receiving the duty memo issued by the Customs, file a prescribed written protest, requesting a review of the case. 

5. Required documents

A license or permit from the responsible agency is necessary to import the following:

(a) Radio apparatus: regulated by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications.

(b) Video tapes with programs and films: regulated by Government Information Office.

(c) Mainland China goods: regulated by Bureau of Foreign Trade.

(d) Drugs, medicated cosmetics, medical devices, food in capsule or tablet form, narcotics: regulated by Food and Drug Administration.

(e) Firearms & ammunition: regulated by National Police Administration, Ministry of the Interior、Ministry of National Defense.

(f) Agricultural products, animal products, flowers, plants, and seeds: regulated mainly by Food and Drug Administration、Council of Agriculture.  

(g) Radioactive material: regulated by Atomic Energy Council.

(h) Tobacco & liquor: regulated by Department of National Treasury, Ministry of Finance (Import Permit needed for cigarettes over 1,000 sticks, cigars over 125 sticks, cut tobacco over 5 pounds or liquor over 5 litres)

(i) Other documents specified by relevant authorities.

6. Process of over-due postal parcels

Postal parcels, in case not being collected and no application for delayed collection is made by the addressees within two months after Post Offices delivered the Notification Cards, will be returned to senders.

  • Publish Date:2015-07-22
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