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More facilitated Customs service to expedite import process of alcohol

In order to integrate government resources and facilitate customs clearance, since April 2017, a part of the inspection work of imported alcohol has been conducted by Keelung Customs rather than by other agencies authorized by National Treasury Administration originally.

Keelung Customs points out that, it had implemented an innovative measure to examine goods and take samples of imported alcohol at the same time since 2016. The implementation of this measure had effectively simplified some of the duplicated inspection work, which not only reduced burden on business but also lowered the administrative costs to government agencies.

However, it still took a lot of time, money and efforts to send the samples of imported alcohol to the authorized inspection institutions back and forth. Therefore, to further facilitate the inspection process of imported alcohol, this year Keelung Customs has accepted the inspection mission and set up the Inspection Office of Imported Alcohol. Customs officers of the Laboratory Subsection under the Import Division were sent to Taiwan Tobacco& Liquor Corporation to learn professional inspection techniques of alcohol before executing the inspection affairs. This new measure is expected to greatly expedite the Customs clearance of imported alcohol while achieving both the goals of trade facilitation and collaborated border management.

Keelung Customs further expresses that its Laboratory Subsection has been the only one inspection unit set up for ruling tariff classification in Taiwan. It has helped inspect numerous smuggled agrochemical, drugs, and other chemical substance. The inspection items of imported alcohol will include the amount of methanol, alcohol by volume (ABV), sulphur dioxide, and the content of lead. Beginning from Jul. 1, the Lab will extend its inspection scope to alcohol imported through Taipei Customs. For further information regarding the inspection of imported alcohol, please contact Mr. Su, Head of Laboratory Subsection, tel: 886-24202951#5800.

  • Publish Date:2017-05-04
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