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Keelung Customs Combats Drug Smuggling by Cruise Passengers

610511573571.jpgIn order to strengthen border management, preventing cruise passengers from smuggling narcotics into Taiwan, on August 31, 2016, Keelung Customs cooperated with other law enforcement agencies in Keelung harbor area, including Keelung Harbor Police Department, Keelung City Brigade, and Northern Coastal Patrol Office, to conduct inspection on cruise ships and passengers, actively preventing illegal activities, maintaining the social order in harbor area as well as ensuring border security.

Keelung Customs indicated that until the end of July this year, there had been a total of 184 cruise ships docked at Keelung Harbor and approximately 480,000 cruise passengers passing through the port. Because Keelung Customs had tackled some cases of amphetamine hidden in bicycle frames and marijuana found in personal baggage carried by cruise passengers, the Customs considered that smuggling drugs by cruise passengers might become a new approach for drug syndicates to take. In this regard, Keelung Customs not only deploys detector dogs to enhance inspection effectiveness, but also conducts large-scale joint-enforcement operations to curb drug trafficking by passengers.

The Customs stresses that it will continue to enhance risk-management mechanism and undertake stringent enforcement against drug-smuggling. Cruise passengers are urged not to carry illicit drugs, nor to smuggle goods for others in case of being used by drug syndicates. Members of the public are encouraged to report suspected smuggling activities to the Customs’ hotline at 0800-3306-306.

News Contact: Sophia Chen
Tel: 02-24202951 ext.2002

  • Publish Date:2016-10-04
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