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Kaohsiung Customs Seized 888 Boxes of Smuggled Cigarettes Just before Moon Festival Arrives

692212235471.jpgAfter seizing smuggled mushrooms on August 23, 2016, Kaohsiung Customs, without receiving any prior notice, successfully seized another container of smuggled cigarettes by making use of risk management mechanism. This container of transshipped goods, found to be composed of 444,000 packs of cigarettes after an inventory count, was estimated to have a market value of about NT$20 million in total.

Kaohsiung Customs said that when some officers were scanning manifests, they found a 40' container of transhipment goods from Qingdao Harbor (CNTAO), declared as OFFICE FURNITURE, was suspicious. They targeted these goods for inspection after the goods were unloaded from the container vessel. During the inspection, they located a whole container of untaxed “Maple” brand cigarettes, which were without any disguise. All of the contraband cigarettes were seized pursuant to Customs Anti-smuggling Act and The Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act.

Kaohsiung Customs indicated further that the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Executive Yuan will make a draft to amend Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act, and is planning to raise the tobacco tax return and the health and welfare surcharge by the end of this October, when tobacco prices are expected to rise accordingly. A small number of unscrupulous vendors, in order to reap huge profits, will surely attempt to smuggle cigarettes in various ways. Customs, being in charge of border control and smuggling prevention, will strengthen enforcement actions continuously to prevent smuggled cigarettes from entering our territory so as to ensure tax revenue for the country, and to protect the health of all nationals. At the meantime, Customs also urges the public to report any illegal smuggling unhesitatingly by calling the toll-free number: 0800-711117.

News Contact: Ms. Lock
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  • Publish Date:2016-09-22
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