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Keelung Customs Seizes a Container Load of Smuggled Mushrooms

4123927371.jpgWithout a tip off, the Inspection Division of Keelung Customs intercepted about 24 tons of dried and shredded mushrooms illegally imported from China to Taiwan on January 5, 2014. With an estimated street value of more than NT$20 million (US$700,000), these China produced mushrooms were packed in 939 cartons in a 40-ft container transported from Hong Kong to Port of Keelung. The shipment has been confiscated by the Customs for further investigation.
Keelung Customs indicated that this shipment was declared as “household miscellaneous” and was singled out for non-intrusive inspection (X-ray scanning). Due to the fact that the scanned images of this shipment looked dubious, officers opened the door of the container for inspection. It turned out that the container was stuffed with a variety of mushrooms weighing 23,662 kgs. The Customs attributed the successful interception to officers’ vigilance in the selectivity against import manifest and their expertise in analyzing scanned X-ray images.
Keelung Customs further emphasized that crackdown on agricultural produce smuggled from China has always been one of the Customs’ main tasks. Moreover, as the Lunar New Year is fast approaching, mushrooms are in high demand on local markets, which makes mushroom trafficking become more rampant. Mushrooms are currently classified as controlled goods which are prohibited from being imported into Taiwan from China for food safety concerns and the protection of local farmers’ interests. The Customs also urged the general public not to purchase cheap mushrooms without the marking of country of origin, so as to protect their health.

News Contact: Mr. Hsu
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  • Publish Date:2014-01-10
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