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Reminders for Purchasing Goods Labeled as Customs-Auctioned Commodities on the Market

Keelung Customs has held four communication auctions since the beginning of 2013, in which 47 groups of commodities were auctioned. Valued at NT$ 4.52 million, these auctioned articles included the goods disposed of by the Customs regarding 21 smuggling cases and 42 overdue cases.
The Customs indicated that the auctioned items consisted of overdue declaration goods, overdue duty payment goods, goods failed to be duly returned overseas, abandoned goods and smuggled goods. Overdue declaration goods means the goods failed to be declared within 35 days after importation; overdue duty payment goods refers to the goods for which their import duty is not paid within 44 days following the date of receiving the duty memos; smuggled cargo means goods confiscated by the Customs due to violation of the provisions of Customs Anti-smuggling Act.
The Customs added that goods sold on night market are often labeled as commodities purchased from Customs auctions. The Customs reminded the public to ask vendors to show them the auction documents issued by the Customs so as to avoid being cheated.
Furthermore, Keelung Customs stressed that all the counterfeits or pirated goods confiscated by the Customs are subjected to destruction by the Customs together with the competent authorities. Therefore, counterfeits sold on night market are by no means the items from Customs auctions.

Contact Person: Jia-li Lin, Auditor, Keelung Customs; Tel. No. : 02 -2420-2951 ext.6106

  • Publish Date:2013-09-23
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