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Paperless export clearance

To simplify procedures and to accelerate customs clearance, Customs has launched the paperless system saving the preparation of physical documents for export. This action is in pursuant to Article 26 of the Regulations Governing the Implementation of Automated Cargo Clearance Procedures. This paperless system (referred to as “the Paperless Export Clearance”) applies to the export deceleration under Channel Two which is to be cleared through document review prior to release of cargoes. The paperless operation was implemented on September 23rd 2015. For online- transmitted declarations eligible for the Paperless Export Clearance, the exporter/customs broker shall submit the electronic data of documents necessary to Customs by end of the office hours on the day after receiving the online message from Customs, indicating whether deceleration under Channel Two applies.

In the case of the cargoes released through the Paperless Export Clearance without submitting paper documents, the exporter/customs broker could use Corporate Certificates or Citizen Digital Certificates to log in to the Customs Administration website and print out a duplicate copy of the export deceleration (export certificate) after making online payment.

Statistics data suggest the average customs clearance time for the export declaration under the Paperless Export Clearance is 30 minutes from the receipt of the electronic application. In comparison with the physical document clearance under the previous system, the paperless operation saves an average of 60 minutes. Up to now, the majority of export declarations have been cleared through the Paperless Export Clearance and this mechanism has made a great contribution in saving time.

The Paperless Export Clearance streamlines trade procedures by eliminating the need for paper document preparation thereby lowering trade cost and increasing trade opportunities. In order to save Customs and stakeholders’ costs, Customs will continue to explore further areas where paperless operations can be introduced.

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  • Publish Date:2016-05-19
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