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Taichung Customs Seized Smuggled Mushrooms from China

Taichung Customs’officers and agents from the intelligence and investigation authorities busted 2,021.7 kilograms of Chinese mushrooms with an estimated market value of NTD 1.5 million at a warehouse in the suburban area of Taichung City, on October 1. The smuggled Chinese mushrooms were confiscated and would be transferred to the competent authorities for further disposition.

The case was seized shortly after the Moon Festival, September 27th. The demand of agricultural products arose as the Moon Festival approached. Smugglers were keen to make huge profits during the Chinese traditional festival. Taichung Customs has stayed alert and averted agricultural products trafficking, particularly during important festivals.

Taichung Customs further stressed that crackdowns on agricultural products smuggled from China have always been one of the Customs’ main tasks. Smuggled agricultural product harms not only local farmer’s livelihood but also the local farming for it isn’t subject to quarantine. The Customs also urged the general public not to purchase mushrooms of no labels or marks indicating country of origin, so as to protect national health.

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  • Publish Date:2015-10-13
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