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Kaohsiung Customs Seizes 990 Boxes of Smuggled Double Happiness Cigarettes

On May 8, 2018, Kaohsiung Customs, Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance seized a transshipment container of smuggled cigarettes without receiving any prior confidential report of smuggling. An estimation indicated that there were a total of 495,000 packs of cigarettes with a market value of around NT$20 million.


According to Kaohsiung Customs, some officers were screening manifests when a container shipped by the vessel “Singapore” from Manila, the Philippines was found to be suspicious. Without any specific commodity description being declared, this container of goods was intended originally to be transshipped to Haiphong, Vietnam. As soon as it had been unloaded at the port, an immediate inspection revealed that the container was full of undisguised cigarettes with such brands as “Double Happiness,” “Liqun” and “Furong Wang,” all of which had not been taxed. As a result, this container of goods was detained as detailed by Customs Anti-smuggling Act and The Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act.


Mr. Chin-Piao Chen, Director of Kaohsiung Customs said that as the new regulations governing tobacco tax have taken effect since last year, bringing about significant increases in prices of cigarettes, the incentive for smuggling tobacco products has therefore become stronger. It was emphasized that Customs authorities are in charge of border control, as well as smuggling prevention and interception. In order to ensure tax revenues for the country, and to maintain the border security, Customs authorities will enforce inspection constantly to prevent smuggled cigarettes from entering our territory. The public is encouraged to report any suspected smuggling activities to the Customs by calling the toll-free number: 0800-711117.


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  • Publish Date:2018-05-17
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