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Keelung Customs Urges Travel Agencies to Help Promote the On-site Small Amount VAT Refund System

With the positive trend for cruise tourism, the number of cruise ship visits to Port of Keelung in 2013 has significantly increased compared to that in 2012. In addition to the cross-strait liner, “COSCO Star,” other cruise ships such as “Super Star Aquarius,” "Millennium Round," "Voyager of the Seas," "Victoria," "Gemini," "Sun Princess” and "Tai Min Star" have subsequently visited Keelung this year. As foreign tourists have strong purchasing power, it is not uncommon to see travelers purchase a lot of souvenirs in Taiwan. To ensure foreign tourists’ privilege of VAT refund, Keelung Customs urged the travel agencies concerned to help promote relevant regulations governing the refund of VAT to foreign tourists purchasing specific items during their stay in Taiwan.
Keelung Customs said that, according to statistics, the number of VAT refund cases amounted to 803 in 2012, and the amount of VAT reimbursed was NT$711,351. Foreign visitors purchasing specific goods in certified stores with the logo of TRS (Tax Refund Shop) for the amount exceeding NT$3,000 in the same day are eligible to apply for VAT refund at the Customs upon departure within 30 days. In order to provide a more convenient refund service, the Ministry of Finance has launched the On-site Small Amount Tax Refund System for the cases that the amount of reimbursement is less than NT$1,000 since July 1, 2011. That is, visitors may get immediate reimbursement in certified stores they do shopping, without having to wait in line for tax refund upon departure. Keelung Customs thus called on the travel industry to help promote such a convenient measure to its customers.
Customs further indicated that foreign tourists claiming VAT refund through the On-site Small Amount Tax Refund System should bring the goods out of the country. Failing that, the tourists will never be eligible for tax refund in the future.

Contact Person: Jia-li Lin, Auditor, Keelung Customs; Tel. No. : 02 -2420-2951 ext.6106

  • Publish Date:2013-09-23
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