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Keelung Customs Seizes a Massive Cigarette Smuggling Case

552916453371.jpgKeelung Customs' Manifest Review Unit (MRU), based on its risk-based profiling system, targeted a 40-foot container imported from Thailand to Taiwan on May 1, 2015.
After escorting the container in question to the East Wharf Non-intrusive Inspection Station for X-ray scanning, officers found that the image of the goods stuffed in the container was unlike what it was supposed to be. Officers further removed the first five or six rows of the originally declared “starch threads” stacked near the door only to find illicit cigarettes were concealed inside the container. Following thorough inspection conducted by MRU, a total of 630 cases (31,500 cartons) of smuggled Victory Brand cigarettes, with a street value about NT$12 million (US$400,000), were seized.

News contact: Miss Hsieh
Tel: (02)24202951 ext.6111

  • Publish Date:2015-05-29
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