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Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Smuggled Chinese Shiitake

53613282971.JPGThe demand of agricultural products arose as the Chinese New Year approached. Smugglers were keen to earn profits before Chinese Lunar New Year. Smuggled agricultural products harmed not only the livelihood of local farmers but also local agriculture due to lack of quarantine. Hsieh, Lien-Chi, Director of Kaohsiung Customs, paid much attention to this and commanded officers to reinforce the inspection.

On Jan. 23rd, 2015, by reviewing the manifest, Customs inspectors suspected the transit cargos from Quanzhou(泉州), China on M.V. Feng Ze Yuan. The cooperation among Kaohsiung Customs and the intelligence authorities was thus initiated. Around 23:00, Jan. 26th, 2015, the suspected container (TPHU9038935) was found unloading on Sec. 1, Nanxiong Rd., Guanmiao Dist., Tainan City. The inspection agents took control and examined the container to find Chinese shiitake which were importation- prohibited. After escorting this container to Kaohsiung Port, the agents also seized the switching container (TEMU7758908). The seizure was more than 900 boxes, 20 metric tons, with value around NT$10,000,000. Once the smuggling succeeded, the tariff evasion would be more than NT$8,000,000. Besides the tariff evasion, if the import regulation of the commodity was F01, the importer shall apply for inspection to the Bureau of Standards Metrology and Inspection. However, if the import regulation of the commodity was MW0, the importation of Mainland China products would be prohibited. By transferring the case to the intelligence authority for further inspection, Kaohsiung Customs once again assured tariff collection, citizens’ health, and local mushroom farmers’ development.

Kaohsiung Customs said, in accordance with Operation Directions for the Clearance and Management of Transshipment Goods, 13 items including cigarettes, liquors, weapons, ammos, narcotics, hazardous goods, Mainland Chinese agriculture/fishery/livestock products… etc. should be declared accurately. For stipulating where Customs has confirmed that a vessel or any other means of transport throw and substitute any cargo listed in the manifest or list of consignments for smuggling, a penalty shall be imposed pursuant to Paragraph 1 and 3, Article 36 of Customs Anti-smuggling Act.

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  • Publish Date:2015-02-03
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