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Customs' inquiry system for overdue goods saves time and labor

Keelung Customs is promoting the online inquiry system for overdue cargo clearance to enhance the inquiry convenience as well as to save duty payer's time, labor and money.

According Article 96 of Customs Act, Customs has been empowered to order the duty payer to return the prohibited goods abroad within a prescribed period. If the duty payer abandons the  goods in writing or fails to return the goods abroad within the prescribed period, the goods may be disposed of by Customs. If there is a sales surplus after deducting the customs duty leviable and any necessary expenses, they shall be surrendered to the national treasury.” Therefore, the processing time and relevant expenses (such as destruction fees, warehouse rentals, and loading fees, etc.) for overdue goods has a major impact on duty payers’ rights and interests. With a view to providing more facilitated service for the public, Customs has established on its official website (http://keelung.customs.gov.tw/) an online inquiry system for overdue goods clearance, which not only enhances the inquiry convenience for duty payers, but also increases the transparency of the customs’ clearance process. Furthermore, to make the inquiry system more user-friendly, the operation manual is available from online to offline. Through following the step-by-step instruction manual, duty payers can easily access the inquiry system and have a whole idea of the clearance process.

“Service, facilitation, security and integrity” has always been the vision & mission of Taiwan Customs, and strengthening the performance of existing business operations, innovating service measures and integrating service resources are vehicles to achieve them. As a result, promoting the inquiry system of overdue cargo clearance is one of the Keelung Customs’ main tasks this year. For the user manual of the inquiry system, please refer to the attachment below; for further information, please contact the Customs officer Ms. Kang at the number +886-2-24202951 #3245.


  • Publish Date:2017-10-26
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