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Kaohsiung Customs Officers in Kinmen Seize Large Amount of Trafficking Fake New Taiwan Currencies

522516572271.JPGAt Shuitou Pier, Kinmen, on February 3rd, 2015, the officers of Kaohsiung Airport Branch, Kaohsiung Customs seized fake NT$50 and NT$5 coins carried by an inbound passenger from Xiamen, the Mainland city connected Mini Three-Links. According to the Customs Anti-smuggling Act, these counterfeit NT$50 and NT$5 coins with value $NTD 62,735 were confiscated. The case was handed over to Criminal Investigation Bureau in Kinmen for further investigation.

Kaohsiung Customs claimed that the officers in Kinmen discovered a suspected suitcase by X-ray inspection while conducting inbound passengers luggage examination. The officers therefore inspected the suitcase thoroughly and then found out 1,027 counterfeit $NT50 coins as well as 2,277 counterfeit $NT5 coins in a hidden cotton bag.

“Due to the coming Chinese New Year, the flow of currency is increasing dramatically. Although counterfeit currencies in the recent years were rarely found in Taiwan, they damaged the domestic financial market severely and also affected the transaction security. Fortunately this case was discovered on time by our officers at the border, and these fake currencies were stopped from entering the market.” said Director of Kaohsiung Customs, Mr. Hsieh Lien-Chi. Director Hsieh also emphasized that the Customs was responsible for the border control and would enhance cooperation with the competent authorities to combat trafficking and to ensure the levy of national tax as well as border security.

Kaohsiung Customs appealed to people for reporting smuggling at 0800-711117.

News contact: Ms. Lily Tsai
Telephone: 07-5628219
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  • Publish Date:2015-02-11
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