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First anniversary of the Taxpayer Rights Protection Act — Keelung Customs keeps providing professional assistance for duty-payers

  It has been over one year since the Taxpayer Rights Protection Act came into force on December 28, 2017. In accordance with this act, taxpayers may acquire assistance from taxpayer rights protection ombudsmen(hereinafter “the ombudsmen”) through written or online application. Keelung Customs has actively carried through the due process of duty collection to ensure taxpayers’ rights, and all applicants are generally satisfied with the efficiency and the proficiency of its ombudsmen after receiving timely and appropriate assistance. The Customs says it will continuously offer related counseling services, and taxpayers are welcomed to file application if needed.
  Keelung Customs indicates that for the purpose of ensuring rights of taxpayers, achieving tax equity, and carrying through the due process of law, the ombudsmen are appointed to deal with the following:
1.The assistance to taxpayers to communicate and coordinate tax disputes.
2.The acceptance of complaints or petitions of taxpayers, and propositions of recommendations for improvement.
3.When taxpayers seek remedy in accordance with laws, the taxpayer rights protection ombudsmen shall provide essential consultation and assistance.
  Through two-way communication, not only will taxpayers benefit from timely and professional advice provided by the ombudsmen, but the Customs can also have chance to review and amend the existing administrative procedures, or take take such cases as reference for future ones. In a word, the TRPA can contribute to a more convenient and friendly customs clearance environment.
  To make sure all taxpayers nationwide enjoy identical rights, Keelung Customs has set up counseling rooms at its affiliated units, including Suao Section, Matzu Section, Taoyuan Branch (Biz Link), Nankan Section In additon, the ombudsmen’s names and contact information is available on the website of Keelung Customs (https://keelung.customs.gov.tw/); duty payers are encouraged to take advantage of this service to protect their own rights.
Contact Person: Lin Pei Yi              TEL: 02-2420-2951 #3511


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  • Publish Date:2019-02-26
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