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Keelung Customs Busts Two Shipments of Swine Products Smuggled from China

Without being tipped off in advance, Keelung Customs (KLC) successfully intercepted two large shipments of swine products smuggled from China to Taiwan on Nov. 6 and Nov. 10, 2014 respectively.

Applying risk management techniques, KLC’s Special Duties Unit identified a dubious 20-foot container imported from Hong Kong to Keelung on Nov. 5. Upon unloading on the morning of Nov. 6, the container in question was scanned by KLC’s large-scale X-ray machine. Customs officers further opened the container only to find that it was stuffed with about 6,000 kgs of undeclared pig tendons from China, with an estimated street value of NT$6 million (US$200,000).

On Nov. 9, the Special Duties Unit identified another 20-foot container embarking from Hong Kong, and deemed it dubious. It was escorted to KLC’s Eastern Warf NII Inspection Station for X-ray scanning and physical inspection upon unloading. It turned out that 1,250 Kgs of pig tendons and 2,100 Kgs of Jinhua ham originated from China, with an estimated market value of NT$10 million (US$250,000), were concealed in the container.

As these two shipments are controlled goods which are prohibited from importing into Taiwan from China, they will be confiscated according to the Customs Anti-smuggling Act, and the importer will be subject to a heavy fine in accordance with the Smuggling Punishment Act. KLC stressed that it will step up efforts in fighting against smuggling activities so as to maintain the normal flow of international trade as well as public health security.

News Contact: Mr. Hsu
Tel: 02-24202951 ext1101

  • Publish Date:2014-11-18
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