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Inbound Passengers Prohibited from Carrying Meat Products, Fresh Vegetables & Fruits, and Living Plants

Kaohsiung Customs noted that lots of citizens have gone abroad for vacations recently, going in and out of the country repeatedly. After observing exotic plants or fruits overseas, some of the travelers might want to bring them back to the country for planting or giving to relatives and friends as gifts. Meanwhile, some foreign nationals and foreign workers might carry vegetables, fruits or meat products from their hometowns when they arrive in Taiwan. This is a reminder that importation of such products without permission could increase the chance of foreign pest invasion (such as the invasion of tessaratoma papillosa), which might in turn jeopardize the ecological safety of domestic agriculture. If such items are brought negligently into the country, passengers should voluntarily declare any forbidden items to the customs officer, or simply put the items into the disposal box for agricultural and livestock products. If neither a declaration nor an application for quarantine inspection is made, the person found to have violated the regulations is subject to a fine between NT$3,000 and NT$15,000.

Furthermore, as the tobacco tax rate was increased, more and more inbound passengers have been found carrying tobacco products in excess of the designated quantities. Kaohsiung Customs reiterates that according to the Regulations Governing the Declaration, Inspection, Duty and Release of Personal Luggage or Goods of Inward Passengers, inbound passengers are entitled to a duty-free allowance on 200 pieces of cigarettes, 25 pieces of cigars or a pound of tobacco; however such privilege is limited to adult passengers, ages 20 and above. Additionally, each inbound passenger shall not carry more than 1,000 pieces of cigarettes, 125 pieces of cigars or 5 pounds of tobacco. Inbound passengers carrying cigarettes in excess of the duty-free allowance are obliged to declare such items in the ROC customs declaration form and submit the form through the red line counter for customs inspection and clearance. In case of a failure to do so, the excess quantities shall be forfeited to customs, and customs shall impose on the passenger a respective administrative fine of NT$500 for each ream of cigarettes, NT$4,000 for every 25 cigars, or NT$3,000 for each pound of tobacco. Kaohsiung Customs urges inbound passengers to make declarations honestly pursuant to the related regulations so as to enjoy an easy experience of customs clearance.

In addition, though Money Laundering Control Act has taken effect since June 28, 2017, there are always inbound or outbound passengers being imposed penalties for carrying money or monetary items in excess of the designated quantities as they are not familiar with the related regulations. Passengers are reminded to visit Kaohsiung Customs Office’s official website (http://kaohsiung.customs.gov.tw) for further information about Money Laundering Control Act in order to fully understand their own rights and benefits.

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  • Publish Date:2018-06-19
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