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Do Not Bring Excessive Medicines When Returning from Happy Trip

Summer vacation is a boom season for travelling abroad. Passengers tend to buy some pharmaceutical products for health care such as vitamins, pills for stomach and intestines and so on. They bring those medicines back to country for self use and for gifts to their relatives and friends. Most of the time, passengers ignore the regulation about the prescribed limited quantity for bringing health care medicines into the border. Let’s take vitamins for instance. The prescribed quantities are 12 bottles and the amount shouldn’t exceed 1,200 pills. The same quantities also apply to other health care medicines.
Kaohsiung Customs indicated that the undeclared excessive medicines brought into country by passengers and seized by Customs would be confiscated. The violating cases were likely to be submitted to trials, but when passengers went through the red-line counter and declared the medicines, they wouldn’t be punished by Customs. The excessive medicines could be brought into our country only with the permit given from Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Executive Yuan. Passengers who want to stay away from punishment could access the website of Customs Administration for more information.
For consultation, please call Kaohsiung Customs in Airport Branch at 07-8057743.

News contact: Ms. Tsai

  • Publish Date:2014-07-25
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