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Kaohsiung Customs First Holds Super Adviser Contest for Speaking Out Expectations

To effectively carry out the staff assistance program, Kaohsiung Customs held the Super Adviser Contest. Customs officers were able to speak out their expectations toward Customs authority through the art of speaking. Thirteen contestants joined this contest. Among them, three contestants were selected as the most charming and influential super advisers. In addition, the judges also picked three excellent advisers who will be praised in other public occasion.

Kaohsiung Customs indicated the Super Adviser was a contest which combined the channel of staff advising and the channel to find speaking delivery talents. Kaohsiung Customs authority will continue to hold the Super Adviser Contest for understanding officers’ minds and further to adjust organizational policies which contribute to officers’ happiness. This will help not only increase officers’ job efficiency but also bring Kaohsiung Customs working drive to provide a better service for the private sector.

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  • Publish Date:2015-08-26
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