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Kaohsiung Customs Seizes Highest Number of Smuggled Red Wine Ever

After seizing two transshipment containers of smuggled wine in mid-March this year, Kaohsiung Customs managed to seize again some other containers of smuggled red wine on April 28, 2019. These containers, originally intended to be transshipped later, were found to contain 20,896 bottles of red wine made by renowned wineries in Australia. An estimation indicated that the goods in question had a market value of around NT$20 million in total.


According to Kaohsiung Customs, some officers were screening manifests when some containers originating from Hong Kong were found to be suspicious. After the containerized goods, declared to be transshipped later to Busan Port, Korea, had been unloaded at Kaohsiung port, an inspection revealed that in addition to electronic parts which had been declared honestly to Customs, a variety of undeclared Australian red wine had been concealed in the containers. Consequently, all of the smuggled goods were detained as detailed by the Customs Anti-smuggling Act and the Tobacco and Alcohol Administration Act.


The Customs authority reiterates that Customs is in charge of border control and interdiction of smuggling activities. Unscrupulous vendors, in order to reap substantial profits, always attempt to smuggle alcoholic beverages in various ways. The Customs authority will constantly implement and improve investigation measures to prevent smuggled alcoholic beverages from entering the territory so as to ensure tax revenue for the country. Meanwhile, the public is encouraged to report any suspected smuggling activities to Customs by calling the toll-free number: 0800-711117.


Contact Person: Ms. Lock

Tel: +886-7-562-8201

  • Publish Date:2019-05-03
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