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The 2014 International Customs Workshop is being held in Taipei by the Ministry of Finance

According to Taiwan Customs Administration, Ministry of Finance, a grand opening ceremony of the 2014 International Customs Workshop was held on May 26 at the Ministry’s Training Institute (MOFTI). Around 60 persons had attended this Workshop, including 20 foreign Customs officers from 18 countries. Moreover, the presence of the Honorable Minister Sheng-Ford Chang at the said ceremony delivered a clear message showing the MOF attached great importance to this event.

In his opening remarks, Minister Chang pointed out “the main purposes for holding this Workshop are, on the one hand, to help enhance capacities of participating Customs officers through close interactions and knowledge sharing. On the other hand, the Workshop also provides a valuable opportunity for participants to network with Customs colleagues in many other countries, which could form solid basis for furthering collaborative relationship among Customs administrations”, cited by Customs Administration.

Customs Administration explained that the 2014 International Customs Workshop covers a wide range of essential topics related to Customs operations, including effective ways to remove supply chain barriers, methods for regulating cross-border e-commerce, benefits of the Mutual Recognition of AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) Programs, and the patterns and cures of Customs frauds. In addition, Taiwan Customs introduces its cutting-edge initiatives regarding the establishment of a single window and the applications of electronic seals.

Customs Administration further added that the above-mentioned Workshop was co-hosted by itself and the MOFTI from May 26 to 30, and it was the second one of this kind. It is convinced that this Workshop is regarded as successful as its predecessor held in September 2012.

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  • Publish Date:2014-05-27
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