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To Stay Away from Fines, Fresh Vegetables, Fruits Not Allowed to Carry When Returning from Family Visits

Due to the changes of marriage trend recently, more and more citizens marry foreign brides. Taking the family members to visit the in-laws during summer vacation becomes a tradition in the Eastern countries. It is especially for mother-in-law who always shows concern and hospitality to her son-in-law. When her daughter’s family wants to leave, their suitcases are packed with local specialty which represents kindness and hospitality from the in-laws. But they neglect a fact that fresh vegetables and fruits are not allowed to bring into the border.
Kaohsiung Customs found out the suitcases carried by foreign brides coming from Southeast Asia mostly were packed with fresh vegetables and fruits. When Customs seized the perishable products, the passengers either asked for exceptions to release the products or argued with the Customs officers angrily, which bothered Customs very much. To protect our agriculture from disease invading and our people’s health, it was a must to fully execute the gate-control policy. Once the perishable products were seized, Customs would confiscate and destroy the products. The passengers would be fined as well. A loss was more than a gain.
Kaohsiung Customs indicated this policy would be announced frequently. In the meantime, Kaohsiung Customs also appealed the inbound passengers not to bring fresh vegetables and fruits into the border and wished the passengers to go abroad happily and come back sweetly.

News contact: Ms. Tsai

  • Publish Date:2014-07-25
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