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Undeclared Currencies Exceeding Permitted Amounts to Be Confiscated from June 28, 2017

In order to control money laundering, Kaohsiung Customs will perform duties in accordance with the amended and promulgated Regulations for the Declaration of Cross-Border Objects Likely to Be Used for Money Laundering, which is to take effect from June 28, 2017. It states that a passenger or a service crew member arriving at or departing from the country on a flight (or voyage) within the same day shall be required to declare with customs authorities if he or she is carrying the following objects: cash in foreign currency bearing a total value more than ten thousand US dollars (US$10,000), currencies issued in Hong Kong or Macau, cash in NT dollars amounting to more than NT$100,000, securities bearing a total face value in excess of ten thousand US dollars (US$10,000), gold valued at more than ten thousand US dollars (US$10,000), or other objects with a total value more than ten thousand US dollars (US$10,000) which are likely to be used for money laundering. This obligation to declare is extended to cover other ways of transportation such as goods delivery, express or mail delivery. In the event of an untruthful declaration or failure to declare, confiscation or a fine shall be imposed.

Kaohsiung Customs urges passengers and crew members to make declarations voluntarily in compliance with the above regulations so as to prevent any penalties. For more information, please call any of the following numbers: Those taking a flight are advised to call Kaohsiung Airport Branch at 07-8057753, while ship passengers are welcomed to call Inspection Division at 07-5628386, Xiaogang Branch at 07-8237416, or Qijin Branch at 07-5727118.

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  • Publish Date:2017-04-28
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