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Less Paper, More Speed: Customs Keeps on Bettering Paperless Clearance System

Taiwan Customs is continuing to refine its paperless clearance system, connecting the trade community, Customs and Licensing Agencies via CPT Single Window. It is anticipated that at some future time, most of the C2 (document review) declarations can be filed electronically to the Customs unless a hard-copy submission is regulated, or a Customs stamp is needed.

Keelung Customs expresses that starting from September 23, 2015, selected C2 export declarations eligible for paperless clearance are allowed to be transmitted electronically with the invoice, packing list and other supporting documents to the Customs via CPT Single Window. Statistics show that it takes only 30 minutes on average for an electronic version of export declaration to be reviewed and released, which is 60 minutes faster than a paper one. This efficient system has further expanded to import entries selected for C2 since March, 2017. Customs is continuing to improve the system, streamline its operation procedures and increase uploading size file.

For questions about paperless clearance, please contact Mr. Chang at (02)2420-2951 ext. 5102 (for exports) or Ms. Chen for (02)2420-2951 ext. 2103 (for imports). For other technical or transmission questions, please call the hotline of CPT Single Window at 0800-299-889.

  • Publish Date:2017-07-31
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