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Keelung Customs Held a Seminar on Multi-Country Consolidation Service

5102014293371.jpgA successful seminar on the Multi-Country Consolidation (MCC) service was held by Keelung Customs on September 23, 2015. Participants to that seminar, including carriers, freight forwarders, container terminal operators, as well as representatives from the National Development Council, the Ministry of Transportations and Communications, and Customs Administration, had comprehensive and fruitful discussions during the seminar.

With the recent amendment to regulations governing MCC-related regulations and the completion of supporting measures thereof, Customs Administration and Keelung Customs as a whole has revealed their aspiration to help create a more competitive environment for the MCC service within the East Asia region. In this context, the purpose for holding the above-mentioned seminar is to encourage relevant economic operators to participate in the new logistics operating model in Taiwan and particular in Keelung, said by Keelung Customs.

At the seminar the expedited one-stop customs clearance procedures applicable for MCC cargo are explained in detail. In addition, the participants were informed of functions of the MCC information system, which significantly simplifies the MCC operating procedures for Customs, warehousing and cargo movements by integrating all the data those procedures need into one format and be processed through this platform. Customs officials also responded to the questions, comments and suggestions raised by participants from the business community.

The said seminar was a concrete example to show that Keelung Customs is willing to actively reach out to traders. This Office stressed that they will continue to strengthen the collaborative relationship with other border agencies and economic operators so as to improve the efficiency of MCC service collectively. For any questions regarding Customs procedures for MCC cargo, please contact Warehouse Division: Tel: (02)24202951 ext. 1213/1232.

News contact: Miss Hsieh
Tel: (02)24202951 ext.6111

  • Publish Date:2015-10-20
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